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Our Planning Process

Our process to establish a wealth management and financial planning relationship is driven by the goals of our clients.

  1. The first step is seeking to understand what is important to you. This is done through a fact-finding process in which we ask questions but most importantly, we listen. To best lead people to their life of abundance, we must first understand your definition of abundance. In this process we are gathering the qualitative information about what your goals are as well as the quantitative information about your current situation (account balances, income, current savings strategies, debts, invest account statements, etc.)
  2. Next, we are going to take all information gathered and start analyzing. Our team of 8 members has decades of experience along with numerous certifications, licensing, and formal education all centered to help people plan and navigate today’s financial environment. The driving effort of this analysis is to identify opportunities and craft a clear roadmap to help people achieve their goals in the most efficient and effective route possible.
  3. After the roadmap is created, we want to help you best understand it. Often this step is where uncertainty transforms into clarity. Each financial plan is different because it is your own. The more you understand the path to your life of abundance, the higher probability we have of achieving the goal.
  4. The fourth step is implementation. No plan is effective without follow through. Like Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” The implementation of these recommendations is often executed by the Transcend Wealth Management team, but it doesn’t have to be. This is your plan, to be executed in whatever manner and whatever pace you choose.
  5. Next is the ongoing maintenance and improvement of this plan. The only thing that is certain is change. Our objective is to establish and maintain wealth management and financial planning relationships that last for generations. We are experts on the everchanging dynamics (market volatility, tax law change, interest rate change, etc.) and reviewing your personalized plan is essential to its progress as well as a successful planning relationship. Like any good flight plan, you should consistently check your coordinates to make sure you are still on track….and sometimes that means making major changes to avoid a detrimental storm. We also want to ensure that if your destination changes, we are proactively adjusting the map.

You are the driver, and as the experienced professionals, it is our passion to help you execute the most efficient, cost effective, and smoothest course toward your life of abundance.